NIA P01 Grant entitled “Medicare in a Restructured Delivery System” (P01 AG032952)

The P01 program project focuses on the successful integration of financing and care for Medicare. It is a continuation of the research completed under the previous P01, entitled “The Role of Private Plans in Medicare.” Joseph Newhouse and Thomas McGuire led this award for its first 9 years (as Principal Investigator, and Associate Director, respectively). In 2019, Bruce Landon and J. Michael McWilliams assumed leadership as Principal Investigators. The Program Project includes three individual research projects and two cores led by HCP researchers (Newhouse, McGuire, Landon, McWilliams, and David Grabowski). The research team spans multiple disciplines and includes investigators within and outside of HCP.

 The previous P01 research compared Medicare Advantage to traditional Medicare and determined that on average, Medicare Advantage plans appear to offer higher value in contrast to its previous performance, but that policy changes would be needed in order to move beneficiaries to the plan and make it more effective.

The new P01 program project responds to recent developments in Medicare and is providing analysis on how it can innovate using current and future strategies, including Medicare’s newer Accountable Care Organization (ACO) programs. The research agenda has three main areas: 1) innovative and comprehensive analyses of current initiatives, 2) rigorous research on the current form of integration, and 3) research on innovative beneficiary as well as provider payment policy. Such research will help ensure Medicare’s financial viability and long-term value.

If you have any questions, please contact Vanessa Azzone, the P01 project manager.

Data and Methods Core

Utilization, Quality, Selection and Prices in MA Going Forward

Effects of ACOs in Medicare on Utilization and Quality: Heterogeneity and Spillovers

Integrated Care for Dual Eligibles