CHDA logo with Harvard shield.  Logo is a half gear and lines in blue and yellow shaped like a CThe Center for Healthcare Data Analytics (CHDA) is an overarching entity established in 2016 by the faculty and staff of the Department of Health Care Policy after a realization that a large part of our work involved data analytics on either large public or private data sets. The Center's core faculty members are nationally recognized for their work in data analytics, Bayesian methodological approaches, statistical methods for health services, and regulatory policy research. Our areas of research include broad topics on financing and delivery of health care, quality of care, studies on special and disadvantaged populations (including those with mental disorders), and access to care. We manage large-scale efforts related to benefit design and the care of the elderly. In many cases, these applied studies are augmented by fundamental contributions in statistics and biostatistics. The Center's recent acquisition of many new Medicare files has opened up new opportunities for research in the healthcare domain. Some of our data assets are publicly available, some are available only to HCP investigators as part of funded grants, and others are available through data reuse agreements. With the richness of these data assets, we are engaged in multiple projects in several health domains.  Learn more about our projects here.

S. James Adelstein Professor of Health Care Policy (Biostatistics), Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School; Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health
Professor, Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School; Professor, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health; Faculty Affiliate, Department of Statistics, Harvard University