Marshall J. Seidman Lecture Series

The Marshall J. Seidman lecture series has been held annually since 2001 with a health care policy expert from outside Harvard University providing insight on a current topic relevant to health care costs, quality, or improvements.

Past Marshall J. Seidman Lecture Speakers


Daniel C. Toteson Lecture Series

The Tosteson Series is based on the premise that understanding the structure of the health care system will allow physicians to assume a more active role in its evolution. Through discussions with patients and participation in community service projects, students glimpse the health care system through the eyes of patients. Students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to help shape the health care system at every level, from local hospitals to national and international policy.

In addition to lectures, the Tosteson Series also provides opportunities to volunteer in local community service projects related to the improvement of health. Participants in this series can thereby work to preserve and improve both the quality of and access to care, and become better advocates for their patients. This lecture series also serves as a vehicle for interested students to find mentors and engage in research activities aimed at analyzing and reforming the health care system to better serve the needs of patients.

Between eight and 12 interactive, noncredit seminars are held a year; approximately 100 to 125 first- and second-year students attend. The topics continue to be broad and of interest to all medical students, including those without any background in health policy.

For more information, please contact Ivanna Pena.

Past Lecture Dates Speaker
March 2016 Lucian Leape
April 2016 Michael Chernew
May 2016 Jeffrey Sanchez



"In the Trenches" Seminar Series

In order to provide the faculty and students with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by front-line managers and to provide a more comprehensive view of the delivery system itself, the Department of Health Care Policy started a unique seminar series in 2000. We invite guests to speak on issues affecting the financing and delivery of health care at their practices, institutions, or corporations. Dr. Bruce Landon coordinates the series; it is open to members of the university.  For lecture details, please contact Kim McDougall.


Design of Experimental and Non-Experimental Studies Seminar Series

The Design of Experimental and Non-Experimental Studies (DENS) seminar series feature rising stars and established leaders in the field of causal inference that visit the department to share their work. These seminars are coordinated by José Zubizarreta

Past DENS Speakers


PhD in Health Policy Research Seminar

The Research Seminar is for students in the PhD Program in Health Policy who are third-year graduate students and above. It meets weekly throughout the year and gives students an opportunity to present dissertation research or job talks. The seminars are primarily for students in the program and faculty who are interested in the topic being presented. Anupam Jena and Laura Hatfield are the faculty coordinators. For more information, contact Collen Yout by e-mail or at (617) 495-1357.

Past PhD in Health Policy Seminar Sessions and Speakers


Health Economics Seminar

The Health Economics Seminar is run by third-year graduate students in the economics track of the PhD program in Health Policy. The seminar meets weekly throughout the year with a mix of internal and external speakers, predominantly graduate students presenting work in progress. The seminar, coordinated by Thomas McGuire, attracts faculty and graduate students from the Economics department at Harvard, Harvard’s JFK School of Public Policy, Boston University, and MIT. 

For more information, contact Kim McDougall by email or at (617) 432-5102.

Spring 2020 Seminar Dates and Speakers

January 26 Alice Ndikumana 

February 2 TBA

February 9 Sam Burn and TBA

February 16 Daniel Prinz and Lucy Chen 

February 23 Jia Xiang and Max Pany 

March 2 Peter Lyu and Travis Donahoe 

March 9 Pragya Kakani and Ljubica Ristovska 

March 16 Amanda Kreider

March 23 Saumya Chatrath and Myles Wagner 

March 30 Adrienne Sabety 

April 6 Prof. Ariel Stern 

April 13 Daniel Prinz and Max Pany 

April 20 Ed Kong and Ian Nason 

April 27 Grace McCormack 

May 4 Anthony Yu and Sam Burn


Past Health Econ Seminar Speakers