Jose R. Zubizarreta
Jose R. Zubizarreta, PhD
Associate professor in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School and an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics (by courtesy) at Harvard University.
Discussion on "Time-dynamic profiling with application to hospital readmission among patients on dialysis," by Jason P. Estes, Danh V. Nguyen, Yanjun Chen, Lorien S. Dalrymple, Connie M. Rhee, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, and Damla Senturk.
Authors: Haneuse S, Zubizarreta J, Normand ST.
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Confidence Intervals for Linear Unbiased Estimators Under Constrained Dependence
Authors: Aronow, PM, Crawford, FW, Zubizarreta, JR.
Electronic Journal of Statistics
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Handling Limited Overlap in Observational Studies with Cardinality Matching
Authors: Visconti, G, Zubizarreta, JR
Observational Studies
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A Simple Example of Isolation in Building a Natural Experiment
Authors: Zubizarreta JR, Small DS, Rosenbaum PR.
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On Assessing the Quality of Health Care Providers Using Time-Varying Patient Outcomes
Authors: Haneuse S, Zubizarreta JR, Normand SLT
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Incorporating Longitudinal Comorbidity and Acute Physiology Data in Template Matching for Assessing Hospital Quality: An Exploratory Study in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System
Authors: Hu W, Chan C, Zubizarreta JR, Escobar G.
Medical Care
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An Examination of Early Transfers to the ICU Based on a Physiologic Risk Score
Authors: Hu W, Chan C, Zubizarreta JR, Escobar G
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
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Predicting posttraumatic stress disorder following a natural disaster
Authors: Anthony J. Rosellini, Francisca Dussaillant, José R. Zubizarreta, Ronald C. Kessler, Sherri Rose
Journal of Psychiatric Research
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On Two Approaches to Weighting in Causal Inference
Authors: Hirshberg, DA, Zubizarreta JR.
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Optimal Multilevel Matching in Clustered Observational Studies: A Case Study of the School Voucher System in Chile
Authors: Zubizarreta JR, Keele L.
Journal of the American Statistical Association
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