Spring 2023 Sessions and Speakers:

1/31: Joseph Hnath, G3, Economics

2/7: Kacie Dragan, G4, Methods for Policy Research

2/14: Radhika Tampi, G3, Decision Sciences & Michael Nguyen-Mason, G3, Economics (30 minutes each)

2/21: Ilana Salant, G3, Economics

2/28: Motunrayo Tosin-Oni, G3, Political Analysis

3/7: Katherine Ianni, G3, Methods for Policy Research

3/14: Spring Break

3/21: Olivia Zhao, G3, Management & Ye Shen, G3, Decision Sciences (30 minutes each)

3/28: Haley Sullivan, G3, Methods for Policy Research

4/4: Amanda Chen, G3, Methods for Policy Research

4/11: Marai Hayes, G4, Economics

4/18: Mitchell Tang, G3, Management

4/25: Annabel Wang, G4, Methods for Policy Research

5/2: Ari Ne’eman, G4, Political Analysis

5/9: Graeme Peterson, G3, Economics

5/16: Lily Hsieh, G4, Decision Sciences

Fall 2022 Sessions and Speakers:

9/27:  Tuna Hayirli, G4, Management

10/4:  John Giardina, G6, Decision Sciences

10/11:  Mahnum Shahzad, G6, Economics

10/18:  Pragya Kakani, G6, Economics

10/25:  Fangli Geng, G6, Decision Sciences

11/1:  Sumit Agarwal, G4, Economics

11/8:  Mike Eber, G4, Decision Sciences

11/15:  Spencer Luster, G4, Economics

11/22:  Summer Rak, G5, Methods for Policy Research

11/29:  Benjamin Barsky, G3, Political Analysis

12/6:  Raj Vatsa, G3 Methods for Policy Research


Fall 2018 Sessions and Speakers:

9/11       Introduction/Research Crowdsourcing (students only)         

9/18       Emma Sandoe

9/25       Zach Ward

10/2       Sam Moy            

10/9       Alyssa Bilinski    

10/16     Annabelle Fowler            

10/23     Carrie Fry            

10/30     Monica Farid     

11/6       Caroline Geiger

11/13     Jamie Cohen     

11/20     Sam Burn            

11/27     Daniel Prinz       

Spring 2017 Speakers and Sessions

2/7                      Interactive Session 

2/14                    Maryaline Catillon, "Improving Target Efficiency in Disease Management Programs"

2/21                    Annabelle Fowler, "The value of pharmaceutical line extensions: evidence from formulary design"

2/28                    Matt Brault, " Seattle's Minimum Wage Ordinance and Health Insurance Coverage"

3/7                      Vidit Munshi, "Improving cancer screening efficiency using an adaptive risk-based approach"

3/21                    Thalia Porteny, "The effects of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act on the likelihood of having a usual source of care for elderly immigrants" 

3/28                    Jamie Daw, "Matching and Regression to the Mean in Difference-in-Differences Analysis" 

4/4                      Adrian Garcia Mosqueira, "Medicaid Expansion and the Medical Workforce" 

4/11                    Kate Lofgren, “Are we there yet? Quantifying the value of novel research for treatment effect modifiers”    

4/18                    Emma Sandoe, “Medicaid Asset Testing and Estate Recovery: Are They Worth It?"

4/25                    Christine Baugh,  “Health services research in the collegiate sports medicine context”


Fall 2016 Speakers and Sessions

9/6                      Introduction & "Research Crowdsourcing" 

9/13                    Phil Saynisch, "Transplant Center Volume and Surgeon Decision-Making"

9/20                    Adrienne Sabety, "The Expanding Non-Physician Provider Workforce and its Effect on Patient Outcomes"

9/27                   Joe Hero, "Another American Exceptionalism: How Determinants of Health System Satisfaction in the U.S. Differ from other Advanced Countries"

10/4                   Cassie Peitzman, “Group-Level Selection in Insurance Markets: A Few New Lines for the Picture Paper”

10/11                 Lina Song, "Using administrative claims data to improve colonoscopy quality measure"

10/8                   Ellen Montz, "Competition and Plan Offerings on the ACA's Exchanges”

10/25                 Mary Gorski, "Convenience Care: Comparing Patient Experiences at Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Centers, and Retail Clinics"

11/1                    Jeannie Biniek, "Who Quits First?  Characterizing the response to the Avandia safety warning”

11/8                    Savannah Bergquist,  “Medicare Risk Adjustment with Systematically Missing Data”

11/15                  Bethany Sheridan, "Medical device reps in the OR: How and when do they matter?"

11/22                  Kelsey Berry, "Ethical Considerations for Social Support Criterion in Organ Transplantation"

11/29                  Caitlin Carroll, “Hospital Responses to Price Changes: Evidence from the MS-DRG System"

12/6                    Julia Dennett, "The Relationship Between Labor Market Conditions and Morbidity Across Subgroups"

12/13                  Anas El Turabi,  "Identification of gaming responses to financial incentives by primary care clinicians"


Spring 2016 Speakers and Sessions

2/2                      Ideas Workshop  

2/9                      Caitlin Carroll, "Physician Response to Malpractice Allegations: Evidence from Florida Emergency Departments"    

2/16                    Annetta Zhou, “How do covering the uninsured affect hospitals?"    

2/23                    Jacob Wallace, "Are All Managed Care Plans Created Equal? Evidence from Random Assignment to Medicaid HMOs"    

3/1                      Ashley-Kay Fryer, "The Missing Link: How Middle Manager Commitment and Frontline Worker Support Influence the Successful Implementation of a Quality Improvement Program"    

3/8                      Bethany Sheridan, "Team Familiarity in Orthopedic Surgery: What Really Matters?"    

3/22                    Loren Saulsberry, "Media Bias and (Dis)Trust in Government"     

3/29                    Julian Urrutia, "Stakeholder Participation in Priority Setting in the Colombian Health System: Background, Questions, and Methods"

4/5*                    Jeannie Biniek/Phil Saynisch, "Measuring technology use in Medicare claims"/"The Inner Workings of the Patient Centered Medical Home"

4/12*                  Kelsey Berry/Mary Gorski, "Legitimacy and the use of the social support criterion in transplant listing decisions"/"Putting Smarter Snacks in Massachusetts: Results from Middle Schools and High Schools"

4/19*                  Michaela Kerrissey/Anas El Turabi, "Integrated care from the patient’s perspective and its relationship to medical group characteristics"/ "Exploring variation in continuity of care across UK primary care providers"

4/26                    Job Market Session


Fall 2015 Speakers 

09/8               Laura Hatfield and Kathy Swartz    

9/22               Portia Cornell    

10/6               Hummy Song    

10/20             Dahianna Lopez    

10/27             Joe Hero    

11/3               Teddy Svoronos    

11/10             Slawa Rokicki    

11/17             Katherine Donato    

11/24             Hannah Neprash   

12/1               Rebecca Haffajee