Bruce E. Landon

Bruce E. Landon, MD, MBA, MSc

Professor of Health Care Policy, Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School; Professor of Medicine and Practicing Internist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Variation in revascularisation use and outcomes of patients in hospital with acute myocardial infarction across six high income countries: cross sectional cohort study
Authors: Cram P, Hatfield LA, Bakx P, Banerjee A, Fu C, Gordon M, Heine R, Huang N, Ko D, Lix LM, Novack V, Pasea L, Qiu F, Stukel TA, de Groot CU, Yan L, Landon BE
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Implications of Changes in Medicare Payment and Documentation for Primary Care Spending and Time Use
Authors: Basu S, Song Z, Phillips RS, Bitton A, Landon BE
Journal of General Internal Medicine
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Getting More Savings from ACOs - Can the Pace Be Pushed?
Authors: McWilliams JM, Landon BE, Rathi VK, Chernew ME.
New England Journal of Medicine
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Measuring the quality of inpatient specialist consultation in the intensive care unit: Nursing and family experiences of communication.
Authors: Roche SD, Reichheld AM, Demosthenes N, Johansson AC, Howell MD, Cocchi MN, Landon BE, Stevens JP.
PLoS One
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Adjusted Mortality Rates Are Lower For Medicare Advantage Than Traditional Medicare, But The Rates Converge Over Time.
Authors: Joseph P. Newhouse, Mary Price, J. Michael McWilliams, John Hsu, Jeffrey Souza, and Bruce E. Landon
Health Affairs
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A combined care model using early access to specialists off-hours to reduce cardiac admissions.
Authors: Gavin M, Landon B, Lu J, Ganjehei L, Ho K, Nathanson L, Ullman E, Grossman S, Zimetbaum P.
Internal and Emergency Medicine
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Endovascular aneurysm repair in patients over 75 is associated with excellent 5-year survival, which suggests benefit from expanded screening into this cohort.
Authors: O'Donnell TFX, Wade JE, Liang P, Li C, Swerdlow NJ, DeMartino RR, Malas MB, Landon BE, Schermerhorn ML.
Journal of Vascular Surgery
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Social Risk Adjustment of Quality Measures for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in a Commercially Insured US Population.
Authors: Nguyen CA, Gilstrap LG, Chernew ME, McWilliams JM, Landon BE, Landrum MB
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Maintenance of Certification Status and Performance on a Set of Process Measures.
Authors: Gray B, Vandergrift J, Landon B, Reschovsky J, Lipner R.

Annals of Internal Medicine
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Association of Primary Care Physician Supply With Population Mortality in the United States, 2005-2015.
Authors: Basu S, Berkowitz SA, Phillips RL, Bitton A, Landon BE, Phillips RS.

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