Zirui Song
Zirui Song, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Health Care Policy, Department of Health Care Policy, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Internal Medicine Physician, Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

NIH Director’s Early Independence Award
National Institutes of Health

Effect of a Workplace Wellness Program on Employee Health and Economic Outcomes: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Authors: Song Z, Baicker K
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Potential Implications of Private Equity Investments in Health Care Delivery
Authors: Gondi S, Song Z.
Journal of the American Medical Association
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The US Affordable Care Act: Reflections and Directions at the Close of a Decade
Authors: McIntyre A, Song Z
PLos Med
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Health Care Spending Slowed After Rhode Island Applied Affordability Standards To Commercial Insurers.
Authors: Baum A, Song Z, Landon BE, Phillips RS, Bitton A, Basu S.
Health Affairs
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Gatekeeping and patterns of outpatient care post healthcare reform.
Authors: Barnett ML, Song Z, Bitton A, Rose S, Landon BE.
American Journal of Managed Care
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Gatekeeping and Patterns of Outpatient Care Post Healthcare Reform
Authors: Michael L. Barnett, MD, MS; Zirui Song, MD, PhD; Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH; Sherri Rose, PhD; and Bruce E. Landon, MD, MBA, MSc
The American Journal of Managed Care
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The CMS Proposal to Reform Office-Visit Payments
Authors: Song Z, Goodson JD
New England Journal of Medicine
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Type 2 Myocardial Infarction and the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program
Authors: McCarthy CP, Vaduganathan M, Singh A, Song Z, Blankstein R, Gaggin HK, Wasfy JH, Januzzi JL Jr.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology
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“Finance and Time Use Implications of Team Documentation for Primary Care: A Microsimulation
Authors: Basu S, Phillips RS, Bitton A, Song Z, Landon BE
Annals of Family Medicine
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Incorporating value into physician payment and patient cost-sharing
Authors: Song Z, Navathe AS, Emanuel EJ, Volpp KG
American Journal of Managed Care
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