Sherri Rose
Sherri Rose, PhD
Associate Professor of Health Care Policy (Biostatistics), Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School
Classifying Stage IV Lung Cancer From Health Care Claims: A Comparison of Multiple Analytic Approaches.
Authors: Brooks GA, Bergquist SL, Landrum MB, Rose S, Keating NL
JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics
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Association Between Endoscopist Personality and Rate of Adenoma Detection
Authors: Ghideon Ezaz, Daniel A. Leffler, Scott Beach, Robert E. Schoen, Seth D. Crockett, Rebecca A. Gourevitch, Sherri Rose, Michele Morris, David S. Carrell, Julia B. Greer, Ateev Mehrotra
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
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Potential Impact of Initial Clinical Data on Adjustment of Pediatric Readmission Rates
Authors: Mari M. Nakamura, MD, MPH, Mari M. Nakamura MD, MPH, Mari M. Nakamura, Sara L. Toomey, MD, MPH, MPhil, MSc, Alan M. Zaslavsky, PhD, Carter R. Petty, MA, Chen Lin, MA, Guergana K. Savova, PhD, Sherri Rose, PhD, Mark S. Brittan, MD, MPH, Jody L. Lin, MD, Ma
Academic Pediatrics
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How Is Telemedicine Being Used In Opioid And Other Substance Use Disorder Treatment?
Authors: Haiden A. Huskamp, Alisa B. Busch, Jeffrey Souza, Lori Uscher-Pines, Sherri Rose, Andrew Wilcock, Bruce E. Landon, and Ateev Mehrotra
Health Affairs
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Gatekeeping and Patterns of Outpatient Care Post Healthcare Reform
Authors: Michael L. Barnett, MD, MS; Zirui Song, MD, PhD; Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH; Sherri Rose, PhD; and Bruce E. Landon, MD, MBA, MSc
The American Journal of Managed Care
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Gatekeeping and patterns of outpatient care post healthcare reform.
Authors: Barnett ML, Song Z, Bitton A, Rose S, Landon BE.
American Journal of Managed Care
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Sample Selection for Medicare Risk Adjustment Due to Systematically Missing Data
Authors: Savannah L. Bergquist, MSc, Thomas G. McGuire, PhD, Timothy J. Layton, PhD, Sherri Rose, PhD
Health Services Research
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Effects of episode-based payment on health care spending and utilization: Evidence from perinatal care in Arkansas
Authors: Caitlin Carroll, Michael Chernew, A. Mark Fendrick, Joe Thompson, Sherri Rose
Journal of Health Economics
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Limitations of p-values and R-squared for stepwise regression building: A fairness demonstration in health policy risk adjustment
Authors: Rose S, McGuire T
The American Statistician
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Endoscopist factors that influence serrated polyp detection: a multicenter study
Authors: Seth D. Crockett, Rebecca A. Gourevitch, Michele Morris, David S. Carrell, Sherri Rose, Zhuo Shi, Julia B. Greer, Robert E. Schoen, Ateev Mehrotra
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