Charley Willison
Charley Willison, PhD, MPH, MA
Research Fellow

Charley Willison, PhD, MPH, MA is a political scientist studying the relationships between urban politics, and public health political decision-making or policy outcomes. Substantively, her work focuses on health policies that are designed and or delivered at the local level. This includes homelessness, housing, behavioral health policies and disaster responses. Charley is now a National Institutes of Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellow at the Harvard University Department of Health Care Policy where she is studying political decision-making in supportive housing policy. She hopes to improve policy design and implementation to create more effective and equitable public health policies. Her book, "Ungoverned and Out of Sight", examining homeless policy decision-making and the public health implications of these choices, is forthcoming with Oxford University Press in 2021. Originally from Michigan, Charley completed her B.S. at Michigan State University, her M.P.H. and M.A. in Bioethics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and PhD from the University of Michigan School of Public Health.