Nancy Keating Receives 2022 Society of General Internal Medicine John M. Eisenberg National Award

Professor of health care policy and medicine Dr. Nancy Keating, MD, PhD, has received the 2022 Society of General Internal Medicine John M. Eisenberg National Award for Career Achievement in Research.  

Named for the late John M. Eisenberg, MD, MBA, the award celebrates research in general medicine, and acknowledges a senior member whose research has influenced patient care, research methodology, or education. Keating receives this award due to her record of innovative research, mentorship, and leading influence in the field of general medicine.

Dr. Keating’s research seeks to understand and identify opportunities to deliver high quality/high value health care, informing policies to inform access to and affordability of care and models for payment and care delivery. She has focused on cancer care as a model because of its prevalence, high treatment costs, and opportunities for improving care and outcomes. Keating is recognized for her collaborative research, and rigorous statistical methods influencing policy and clinical practice. Keating’s research continues to make substantial contribution to general medicine and oncology, in addition to health care systems and policy.

The Society of General Internal Medicine is a diverse community comprised of over 3300 members worldwide, dedicated to collective scholarship in all facets of health care, emphasizing person-centered practice, and highlighting community outcomes. The Society aims to provide innovative approaches in academic internal medicine for current and future generations of students, teachers, researchers, and clinicians. SGIM is committed to promoting equitable care, ethical practice, and result driven research, in its mission to provide optimum health, and cost-effective outcomes for all.

Keating joins former HCP faculty member John Ayanian (2012) as recipient of this Award.

You can read more about Keating and her research on the department of health care policy website.