Movies Glorifying Fast Driving Cause Real Life Speeding


Can watching fast-paced action movies like the Fast and the Furious affect the way we drive in real life? A new study published by HCP professor Anupam B. Jena, MD, PhD in the New York Times says yes.

Traffic violation data from Montgomery County, Maryland showed a large increase in the average speed of drivers who were issued speeding tickets on the weekends after Fast and Furious releases between 2012-2017. These drivers were clocked at speeds almost 20% higher than drivers who were ticketed in the weekends leading up the movies’ release.

The rates of extreme speeding nearly doubled and were concentrated within two miles of the movie theatres.

The study looked at weekends following the Hunger Games movies, which do not glorify extreme driving. Speeding and extreme driving did not increase on weekends following the release of these movies.

While this study only looks at one country across the country, the findings suggest that watching someone drive fast and furiously may inspire drivers to do the same.